My business experiences have positioned me to be a small business generalist meaning that I am well versed in several areas of competence such as sales, marketing, strategic & tactical planning, manufacturing, gov't contracting, franchising, logistics & supply chain mgt, purchasing, exporting and more.

First half of my career was systems programming and applications system design and programming employing various then current languages including assembly. Second half of my career I became engrossed in sales and marketing, technical products including hardware and software.  Gradually elevated my status to Sr. VP level for small to mid sized companies [under $100 million].  I've also had two entrepreneurial endeavors...1st,  in 1973, co-created a retail/nursing home pharmacy system (hardware + Software) w sales & installations throughout east coast.  Was CEO-COO of this co. for 14 years.  2nd endeavor 1998, I founded and ran a small Florida based, medical dealer/distributorship specializing in MRI compatible equipment and Patient Immobilization products for Radiation Therapy, & other medical supplies.  Grew the company through business to business sales as well as government sub contracts (mainly US AID) and operated this company for over 12 years.  

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 Jack  Grise