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Bobby Balmores
Houston, TX

I can help develop marketing strategies using online and offline formats and also give advice to improve sales performance utilizing multiple channels of distributions. View Mentor Profile

Lou Sprecher
Missouri City, TX

I can assist in: Developing Sales and/or Marketing Plans Strategies Improve sales performance utilizing multiple channels of distribution View Mentor Profile

Jerry Hoffman
Houston, TX

I can advise on marketing and the clothing industry. Extensive background in both the Men's and Ladies Wholesale industry particularly in sales and marketing.. View Mentor Profile

Mark Stinnett
Houston, TX

I can advise on Information Technology (IT),Software Development, and process management and IT consulting. View Mentor Profile

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Marc E. Davenport
Houston, TX

Marc E. Davenport is the co-founder of Blue Print For The CEO, LLC a personal and professional growth development company. For 4+ decades now Mr. View Mentor Profile

Margie Plotkin
Houston, TX

I can help you with your Business Plan and financials.  I taught elementary school for four years and pursued real estate for several years as a residential agent. View Mentor Profile

Dr. Marc S. Smith
Bloomington, IN

I am familiar with several aspects of health sciences including dentistry and head stabilization for proton and radiation therapy. View Mentor Profile

Basim Alessa
Bloomington, IN

I have a bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA with a concentration in Finance. View Mentor Profile

Mark Hay
Houston, TX

Mark is a CPA with a BBA in Accounting from the University of Texas in Austin. View Mentor Profile

Mike Harness
Sugar Land, TX

I can help you with almost any kind of Real Estate - Buying, Selling or Leasing. Residential and most Commercial. View Mentor Profile

Enrique Saavedra
Spring, TX

I can advice on marketing, sales, operations, technology, developing strategies and start-ups. View Mentor Profile

Babette Ballinger
Bloomington, IN

My career included multiple startups in both For Profit and Not-For-Profit entities. I am experienced with small businesses as well as sole proprietorships. View Mentor Profile

Young Kim
Houston, TX

Young can advise small business entrepreneurs in business planning, cash flow projections, budgeting, defining key metrics to measure business performance, business data flow and m View Mentor Profile

Gretchen Weger
Bloomington, IN

With 20 years of experience in the Human Resources field for a non-profit, I offer clients insight into the world of managing people and benefits. View Mentor Profile