Business Technology Program : Websites webinar (2 of 4) March 16, 2015
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This narrated PowerPoint video guides one through the key steps related to website development, monitoring subsequent visitor behavior, and then driving visits by search engine advertising.  It is the second in a four-part 2-hour sequence originally developed to provide SCORE volunteers with an overview of current technologies in order to better guide their small business clients.  However, the perspective of the narration in these videos has been changed to be appropriate for viewing directly by small business owners and managers.

Click here for a PDF of the entire PowerPoint presentation, including the speaker notes captured as PDF comments.

About the Presenter(s)

 Jim  Karam

I primarily advise SCORE clients regarding product development and using technology to improve business operations.  As such, I mostly guide inventors and developers based on my 40+ years experience creating large-scale systems, both commercial and in aerospace.  My website has more details. I also teach several seminars on getting started with internet marketing by...

Karam's Systems Engineering

Key Topics


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Business Technology Program : Websites webinar (2 of 4)