6 Ways to Attract Applicants to a Small Business

Learn the most important aspects of attracting qualified new employees to your company in order to grow and propel your business forward. Read more

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Business Technology Program booklet

Article Language: English

31-page multi-color companion document parallelling the two-hour webinar summarizing the key features and benefits of modern technology tools for small businesses. Read more


Podcast: Behavior Selling

Article Language: English

We need to understand our own selling styles and the buying styles of our customers. Read more


Business Technology Program PDF with speaker notes

Article Language: English

This PDF encompasses all four of the Business Technology Program webinar videos and includes the speaker notes of the PowerPoint slides as embedded PDF comments. Read more

Recorded Webinar

Business Technology Program : Finances webinar (4 of 4)

Event Language: English

This narrated PowerPoint video guides one through usage of modern financial tools that will aid a small business in improving collections, bookkeeping, and operational aspects... Read more

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Current Technology for Small Business webinar

Article Language: English

The Business Technology Program (championed by at... Read more


When to Get a Small Business Loan

Article Language: English

Borrow when you can, not when you need to! Read more


"Banker's Delight" Business Plan

Article Language: English

At least in our territory, bankers are not interested in the extensive business plans discussed in most books or how-tos. Instead, they just want the facts. Read more