This ToolKit software was developed by Dick Hall, a small business owner, and a SCORE439 mentor. The software is specifically designed to remove the mystery and reduce the effort in developing a business plan. You will learn how easy it is to create your business model and business plan.  The software uses Microsoft Office or the free download.

The four important software tools covered in the ToolKit Training Workshop are:
  • The 130 sl130-slide point Tutorial explains the ToolKit concepts and small business principles and then demonstrates with examples how to use the Business Model Schematic, the Worksheets, and the Business Plan Outline.
  • A PowerPoint Business Model Schematic is used to display the quality of the business concept.
  • Twelve single-page Excel worksheets that are designed to define your business concept using minimal input techniques such as keyword lists and multiple choice questions.
  • A Word Business Plan Outline is formatted to simplify transferring the abbreviated worksheet data into a professional business plan.
Business Plan