The Business Technology Program (championed by at&t) was originally designed to provide SCORE volunteers with an overview of current technologies in order to better guide their clients.  However, the perspective of the narration in these videos has been changed to be appropriate for viewing directly by small business owners and managers. This two-hour webinar presents the narrated PowerPoint presentation in several modules detailing the features and benefits of myriad technology tools related to Websites, eMarketing, and Finance that can be self-studied at the viewer's chosen pace to improve their awareness of the newer potential aids to their small businesses.

Fly-over menus are provided that enable one to quickly obtain a more detailed overview of each video's content upon first viewing or to subsequently find and jump within the videos to specific topics of interest. We have also included a pre- and post-training survey that is optional, but we hope that you can help us improve this training by providing us feedback.

Just click the blue "Download Guide" button above for a PDF of the entire PowerPoint presentation, including the speaker notes captured as PDF comments.

Start with this 9-minute Overview...  and please participate in the pre-training survey.

Next is the 37-minute Websites module. Key topics include:
     • Creating a Web Presence
     • Using Data (Analytics) to understand Customer Interests
     • Search Engine Advertising

Next is the 36-minute eMarketing section.  Key topics include:
     • Local Search Directories
     •​ Email & CRM
     • Social Media
     • Blogs

We conclude with the 30-minute Finances section, ending with an optional post-training survey.  Your feedback will help us improve these tools.  Key Topics include:

  • Collecting Payments
  • Bookkeeping
  • Operational Aids   


About the Author(s)

Jim Karam

primarily advise SCORE clients regarding product development and using technology to improve business operations.

Karam's Systems Engineering
Current Technology for Small Business webinar