After working as franchise sales representatives for a major hotel chain, Arron and Jason Decker chose to apprentice with an international granite expert and learn the trade. They began renovating hotels, and the quality of their work and in-house processes led to working with larger firms focusing on new construction. 

The Decker Group got its start working on commercial projects in the Minneapolis area, but after moving to Florida, the company saw a need for granite services for both contractors and homeowners. The company now operates in Minnesota and Florida.

While Arron oversees onsite work, Jason oversees sales and marketing. Sara Decker manages day-to-day operations and the Decker Group showroom. 

My successes. 

Since working with Hammond, Sara reports doubling the company’s workforce, adding another shop in Minneapolis, and exceeding revenue goals while focusing strategically on product and locations. 

How SCORE helped. 

“We were at a place where we needed to determine if we were building a business or maintaining a lifestyle business,” Sara says. “We needed to have a third party work with the family dynamic and help us establish roles and goals relative to those roles, personal strengths, and the market.” 

Volunteer mentor Jim Hammond worked with the Decker Group, and Sara describes him as “a match made in heaven for us. “He is the wise counsel and steadying hand we often need.”

Sara notes that initially, the team met with Hammond monthly; now, they know they can call on him on an as-needed basis. “Knowing he is a phone call or appointment away in case there is a twist or new opportunity helps me sleep better at night,” she says. 

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