My successes. 

The Go Caddy has been on Channel 8 with Gail Guyardo and on the Today Show with Katie Lee and Hoda. It was recently reviewed in the Tampa Tribune and in many newspapers across the country.  It was sold in many catalogs such as Solutions, Taylor Gifts, and now Harriet Carter, and on our website, AAA, and fine luggage stores.

How SCORE helped. 

Back in 2002, I reached out to the SBA. I had attended a couple of seminars and requested a mentor to help me get my invention patented. Hap Fairman was my counselor back then, and he helped me find a patent attorney and get my business started, BVT Products, LLC.  I had invented a product, at the time, called the Fitness Caddy.  lt is a slender tote and water bottle holder that conveniently holds a water bottle, car keys, membership card, driver s license, cell phone and eye glasses. Now called the Go Caddy is also perfect for walking, hiking, hands free traveling, sporling events, outdoor festivals or wherever your active life style takes you. Fast forward to 2012.  After reading about the Micro-loan offered by the PEDC in my local newspaper I again reached out to the SBA.  What a pleasant surprise to be assigned Hap Fairman again 10 years later!  Mr. Fairman helped me write a business plan and fill out all the required paper work for the Micro-loan and with his help I received the loan in May of this year.

What's great about my mentor? 

I am very happy with the SCORE and the SBA, and how much they have helped me along the years.  I have and always will recommend them to anyone who needs advice or help in any aspects of starting or running a business, especially Hap Fairman.