How SCORE helped. 

Richard Bonnet has supported us from the very first day.  From providing us with valuable insight with purchasing an existing business to starting one from scratch.  He evaluated our experiences and resources and made suggestions as to the type of business that would compliment our skill set and extensive network of clients.  He collaborated with us to develop a detailed business plan, develop a marketing plan, and reviewed business opportunities with prospective clients to determine the best approach to secure an opportunity to serve their needs.  From developing a thought into an actual business that generates revenue, he has been a driving force behind our firm's success.  We still have a lot of hard work ahead of us to get the business generating a steady cash flow with strong profit margins, but we have no doubt that Richard will be there to help out any way he can!!

We are grateful for SCORE finding and encouraging people like Richard Bonnet to help individuals pursue their entrepreneurial dreams.


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