In 2004, Electronic Control Services (ECS) Corp. introduced an FM radio antenna that was uniquely suited for use on motorcycles and hot rods, i.e., vehicles that lacked a large metal surface that is needed to make an ordinary antenna effective.  They were hand-built and tested and sold under the trademark TuneTrapper® on a website and through motorcycle dealers.

How SCORE Helped: 

When SCORE was first contacted, the client was wondering whether reducing her price would lead to enough added sales to net her more income.  SCORE's mentor instead suggested just the opposite, i.e., increase her price substantially since she had a unique product that was selling into a specialty market, i.e., expensive Harley motorcycles, where the users mainly wanted something that really worked, almost irrespective of price. The mentor also suggested that she try to find an established motorcycle parts distributor to expand her sales channels beyond the dozen or so current dealers.  He then guided her successful negotiation of a national distribution agreement.  Over five years of mentoring, ECS antenna sales have increased ten-fold with improved profitability.  Recent mentoring has focused on alternative production sources and advice regarding internet marketing and sales.